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Another successful season! Thank you to everyone who attended one of the eight performances. Thanks to the cast and crew for doing an incredible job!

A Young Girl's Journey
To Discover Her Ancestry
And Her Destiny

A battered old tin trunk reveals its hidden heart through family treasures that recall storied memories of perseverance, bravery and family spirit that bring adventure, discovery and love to a young Texas girl.

The story takes you from today's generation to the heart of the historic Czech lands, where a mother faces a terrifying decision to take her children on a dangerous journey across an unknown ocean in search of a new life in Texas.

The old meets the new in the time honored circle of life.

Dreams of the future and memories of the past play out the eternal theme of hope that has nurtured life throughout the centuries

Original songs, energetic dances, colorful characters, and romance are featured in this celebration of life and family. The story is based on real historical Fayette County immigrants, the Czechs and Germans who made Central Texas their home.

Contemporary, traditional stories entertain and teach teens, grandparents, parents, and children of all nationalities.

9,000 attendees at 14 performances in 2011 and 2012.

Presented by Backstage, Inc

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