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"My hope has been for this story to resonate with every person attending the premiere of Heart of the Tin Trunk. I am humbled and in awe of the received notes, telephone calls, emails and conversations. You related to the play in so many different ways." --Virginia Mika Leech

"The response and the accolades I have received about the show have been amazing. We indeed wrote and produced a show that touched people's lives.It certainly touched mine."
--Dick Smith, Composer and Lyricist

"It is an experience I will never forget -- often difficult and frustrating, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. Seeing the faces of those in the audience, and hearing the comments and reactions, filled me with joy. The show was beautiful to look at, entertaining, moving, and simply amazing. We were blessed with Dick's lovely songs, a great story by Virginia, a troupe of energetic performers who brought it all to life, and a backstage crew dedicated to making the story flow seamlessly. Not to mention the many volunteers who sewed, sold tickets, gathered props, and did all the other things that made it all come together." --Carolyn Franklin, Director 2011

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The Audience Speaks

"The play made us cry and live the story. Please let me know if and when you have another play."--Anita Serrano

"Thank you for sharing your heart and family with us. What a wonderful work of art for all of us to share and try to understand and appreciate our own 'roots'." --Lynda and David Olson

"Congratulations on creating a work of art about community that clearly strengthened the sense of community and indeed created one among those of us fortunate to attend."
--Dr. Dennis Kratz, Dean of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Dallas

"We joined the audience on many occasions throughout the evening with tears and ovations. God truly had His hand on your shoulder in promoting the beautiful memories of our dear beloved ancestors." --Clarice and Ray Snokhous, Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic State of Texas

"The scenes with Tomas were even more gripping this time...It's a wonderful production, and I hope it can continue on. My daughter said it helped explain things to her about her Czech heritage in ways that only a play like this could help explain or make one feel. My favorite scenes include the scene at the railway station with Von Seigel leaving for war. I remember similar feelings as a little kid with WWII. My mom's younger brother was put on a train in San Antonio, and we waited deep into the dark, cold night at the Rosenberg station for my mom to get a glimpse of my Uncle Emil Pesek as he headed off for war. But the grief of all the families gathered there that cold night on the railroad platform was so similar to the scenes from Virginia's play. That scene could have been in any Broadway musical."--Pat Balcar

"Along with my family, we just cannot tell you enough how beautifully the story was told--worthy of Broadway in my humble opinion."--Cindy McChamber a

"What a great way to spend a Saturday! Nothing but rave reviews on this one! Thanks to everyone who made this a day to remember!"--Jay Greer

"We expected to see a local musical but were not prepared for a great musical so professionally done. Bravo is all I can say. The cast have remarkable voices. The play featured early Texas from the Czech communities viewpoint but it could have been a saga about any nationality that settled here and made Texas the great state that it is."--Stephen Steinhardt

"Yesterday's trip to Round Top (We had never heard of it.) was such enjoyment! The musical Heart of the Tin Trunk had such good performers and the theater was so spectacular. This attraction is surely one to remember!"--Jane Farrier

"It awoke a sense of pride I see in my parents and hadn't fully embraced before in myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."--Cindy McChamber

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